Routine dental care can pose unique challenges for patients suffering from certain underlying health conditions. Patients with special health needs, such as heightened sensitivity to pain, potential risk for infection, hemorrhaging, and complications or side effects from the interaction between certain medications, require special care and expertise from a dentist with the knowledge and experience to perform dental procedures safely and effectively.

Dr. Katrin Azizzadeh has many years of experience providing dental treatment and care to patients with bell’s palsy, cancer treatment effects, and moire. If you require special care and attention, call Dr. Katrin today at 818.788.1231 to schedule an appointment and discuss your situation.

Dental Care for Patients with Bell’s Palsy in Encino

special-expertise-dentistryBell’s palsy is a condition that weakens the muscles on one side of the face. It can be caused by inflammation, swelling, and the results of a viral infection. It occurs in both men and women of all age groups. Each side of the face contains two main facial nerves, with several branches that control facial expressions, as well as lip and eye movements.

Patients with nerve damage and conditions will naturally require special consideration when obtaining dental care. Dr. Katrin specializes in dental treatment and oral care for patients with bell’s palsy in Encino. Get in touch with Dr. Katrin today to schedule an appointment and discuss your options if you suffer from bell’s palsy and need to schedule a dental procedure or professional cleaning.

Dental Care for Patients with Cancer in Los Angeles

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments face the risk of complications due to weaker immune function resulting from cancer treatment and medications. Patients that undergo radiation treatments also face the risk of developing osteoradionecrosis (ORN), which can make healing especially difficult after dental surgery or extractions.

Radiation therapy for cancer anywhere in the body can cause limited blood flow to the bone, increasing the possibility of bone death. Dr. Katrin has the necessary experience to treat sensitive patients. Call today to discuss your condition and make the arrangements necessary to obtain dental care while being treated for cancer in Los Angeles.

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