home-pic-1Your smile is as unique as you are. There can be many opinions and suggestions as to what makes up the perfect smile – everything from tooth shape and size to spacing and color. Dr. Katrin Azizzadeh believes that a beautiful smile can change the entire face and that helping you achieve the smile that looks and feels perfect for you is the ultimate goal. Your smile should be distinguishable and tell the world who you are and what makes you special. Contact Katrin Azizzadeh, DDS, today at 818.788.1231 to make an appointment for your perfect smile in Encino!

Tooth Color

When preparing for cosmetic dental work, there are several things to consider. Factors like lifestyle, general health, and genetics all play a role in the shape and appearance of each smile. Heavy smokers and tea and coffee drinkers for example tend to experience staining and discoloration and can benefit from teeth whitening.

However, contrary to popular belief, less is sometimes better when trying to obtain a luminous, natural looking smile. Dr. Katrin works individually with each patient to find the shade and hue that makes for a perfect match. (Hint: it won’t be the same for everyone!) Ideally, teeth should not be brighter than the whites of the eyes.

Tooth Size

home-pic-2The ideal width and size of the teeth depends on the shape and proportions of each patient’s face. The top front teeth are the most prominent and visible, and should typically be long enough to cover the bottom teeth, but not over power the lip line. Dr. Katrin takes each patient’s unique facial features and structure into consideration to ensure a natural looking, symmetrical smile perfectly suited to each individual face.


The gums don’t always get factored in when considering a healthy, beautiful smile, but they play a critical role in the health as well as aesthetic appearance of every smile. Monitoring the gum line for signs of recession, gingivitis, and gum disease should be a regular part of an oral care routine. The shape and color of the gums can affect more than how your smile looks in front of a camera and to the rest of the world. In a healthy smile, the gums should ideally be a light pink color.

Scheduling regular professional dental cleanings in Encino with Dr. Katrin is the first step in maintaining your ideal smile!

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Tooth Shape

Issues with spacing or uneven or chipped teeth can affect the appearance of the smile and the entire face. Dr. Katrin Azizzadeh uses a number of techniques to help each patient achieve an even, balanced, and symmetrical smile. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Katrin today to determine whether you are a candidate for bonding, full or partial dentures, veneers, dental crowns, or corneal inlays/onlays!

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